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Reliable, Sturdy, And Cost-Effective Leadwork

If you are looking for expert leadwork roofing services, look no further than WCT Roofing.

With over 25 years of industry experience, our skilled team are highly qualified, and we also provide competitive rates. Our services are available for any project, large or small, commercial or domestic. No matter what you need, we can help.

At WCT Roofing, we are proud of our extensive history of reliable and high-quality work. Our projects have ranged from small domestic properties with basic flashings, to larger commercial contracts with the likes of the National Trust.

We offer free no-obligation quotations and affordable prices, so call us today and speak to a contractor about your project.

Lead Roofing

Leadwork is an often overlooked aspect of roofing, even though it can be just as important as the covering itself. It is used to stop rainwater from reaching areas between the tiles or slates of your roof. This, in turn, prevents direct water from finding its way inside your property.

We use high-quality lead as a base to prevent leaks and give a flawless finish.

Benefits Of Lead Roofing

Lead is a robust and resilient material, making it a popular option for roofing.

Benefits include:

Effective And Experienced Installers

Our highly skilled team prides itself on delivering exceptional standards of work on every job.

Our contractors offer professional advice best suited to your specific property before preparing it for installation. We will work with an exact eye for detail during all of our fittings, ensuring that every area is fitted to perfection. All of which leaves you with a smooth and secure finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because it is flexible, durable, weather-resistant, and a great insulator. Lead is a fantastic material to use for building projects that require versatility and longevity.

Yes. While lead is highly toxic when consumed or inhaled, it is perfectly safe as a roofing material.

It supplements and reinforces your roof. This bolsters your roof’s durability and general lifespan. It also provides a second layer of defence against leaks and environmental damage. This prevents leaks, even when your roof is damaged, offering the opportunity to repair it before any real damage occurs.

Call For Expert Leadwork

If you have any questions about our services or would like to book a free consultation, contact us today. Our contractors are happy to discuss your options and find the perfect solution for you.

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