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How Many Years Does A Roof Usually Last?

Repairing A Felt Roof

When you purchase a property, one of the questions you might want to ask is how old the roof is. Why? Because they won’t last forever! Like many parts of a property, this needs regular maintenance and replacements every so often.

Most roofs will last for between 25 and 50 years. Where your roof may sit on this timeframe will depend on what it’s made of, the quality of installation and the type. Let’s have a closer look.

How Long Will A Pitched Roof Last?

A good quality pitched roof could last for 50 years or longer if it’s been installed well. Some slate tile roofs have even been known to last for 100 years! Taking care of your pitched structure by scheduling regular maintenance and having repairs done as soon as they are needed will help it to hold up for longer.

Pitched roofs that are subjected to extreme weather conditions and this heavy wear and tear may mean it might not last as long. You can help to reduce the amount of damage by installing bird spikes, adding insulation and cleaning your gutters regularly.

Timber Roof Frame

How Long Will A Flat Roof Last?

The quality of your installation will greatly impact how long your flat roof will last. There are many negative rumours about flat roofs that simply aren’t true. When constructed by a high quality flat roofing contractor, it’s sure to stand the test of time and protect your property.

Most flat roofs will last for at least 15 years. EPDM roofing can last for up to 20 years, whereas PVC can stand strong for up to 30. Flat roofs with less layers tend to last longer than those with more, as they’re lightweight and less likely to become damaged. However, the material you should choose for your flat structure will depend largely on your property and the weather conditions it may be subjected to.

Commercial Flat Roofing

What Colour Roof Lasts The Longest?

Light colours tend to last longer than their darker counterparts. This is because they absorb less heat and less UV, resulting in less cracks and a lower chance of the materials melting on hot days. Less heat also means that your attic will be cooler, which could save some money on your energy bills if you’re less reliant on fans and air con.

Will Home Insurance Cover A Leaking Roof?

Maybe. It will depend on your policy and its exact wording. If something unexpected happens, like a big storm, your insurance will probably cover the damage. However, standard wear and tear is expected, therefore it’s unlikely that you can make a claim for that.

If any damage happens as a result of a lack of maintenance, this also won’t be covered. Your insurance company will expect you to carry out regular maintenance.

Leaking Roof

For Roof Repairs & Maintenance, Call WCT Roofing

To give your roof the best chance of lasting for a long time, call WCT Roofing Contractors. Our team are experienced in the installation and servicing of many different roof types. You can depend on us to keep your property’s structure in excellent condition, so it will last for many years to come.


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