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What Is Leadwork?

Roofing Repairs

Leadwork is often an overlooked aspect of roofing, but a very important one. In this guide, you’ll find out a bit more about what it is, where you can find it and why it’s beneficial.

An Introduction to Leadwork

The term is used to describe the use of lead on roofs. It’s been an important craft for many years and a skill that takes the right training and experience to get it right. The material can be used to help cover seams in a roof finish, or can even be used to cover larger areas.  

Lead can be a risky material to work with. That’s why it’s important to choose skilled workers for installation. It is, however, perfectly safe on top of your roof as it’s so far away!

Where Is Leadwork Used?

As previously mentioned, leadwork is now more commonly used to help cover seams on a roof. Better known as flashings, this is what covers the area when two edges meet. As some materials on the edge can be exposed, they present vulnerabilities in the roof’s structure. These need to be covered to ensure there’s no weaknesses where water could get in. Flashings help to keep out moisture and ensure the roof is weatherproof.


Why Choose This Material?

Leadwork uses one of the most durable materials on the market. If installed correctly, it can last for decades, sometimes centuries. It’s still as popular now as it was before due to its excellent ability to keep rainwater out. The long lifespan of lead is what makes it a top choice for many roofers.

The material is very flexible to work with, which makes it an ideal choice for roofs that have unique structures. Lead helps to ensure the finish of a roof is sleek and helps to maintain the appearance. Not only this, but the material has excellent fireproofing qualities, making it ideal for chimney flashing.

Contact Us For Expert Leadwork

At WCT Roofing, our experts have plenty of experience with leadwork. With 25 year of industry experience, we have undertaken many projects, including commercial contracts with the likes of the National Trust. Our services are available for both small and large projects, including domestic and commercial properties. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.


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